The world’s largest social media platform will target Australians who search for specific words and terms linked to violent extremism in an effort to combat terrorism and hate organisations.

Lucy Cormack | The Sydney Morning Herald | 19 Sep 2019

Is there a way back from radicalised behaviour? We ask three people who are working to answer that very question.

Patrick Abboud & Elly Duncan | SBS: The Feed | 26 Apr 2019

Extremism experts and police insiders say far-right radicals pose a growing threat of violence in Australia and will become a greater focus of authorities in the wake of the Christchurch massacre.

David Wroe & Max Koslowski | The Sydney Morning Herald | 19 Mar 2019

A one-time violent far-right extremist now talks to others caught up in radical movements – and occasionally takes a small arsenal of weapons off the streets

Michael Safi | The Guardian | 5 Nov 2015
(Matt did not serve in Afghanistan as printed)

Far-right violent extremism is growing as societies are experiencing an increased sense of fear and anxiety, experts warn.

Widyan Fares | The Point Magazine | Oct 2015

There’s me, sitting in Matt’s kitchen, while he talks openly about how he recruited followers to his gang and planned a massacre, during which they would kill as many Asians and Arabs as possible.

Sarah Dingle | ABC News | 20 Mar 2015