We are committed to preventing violent extremism & terrorism with you.


about us.

EXIT Australia is non profit. The founder and majority of board provide their time to assist in a voluntary capacity.

Founded in 2015 we have prevented more attacks then years involved across Australia and whether clients are located interstate, inside maximum security or war zones internationally we have been able to achieve in helping them disengage from the use of violence.

Our central purpose is striving to assist those individuals who have noticed their increase in violence and are now seeking a safe exit away from this, we also collectively work with other organisations to support those wanting to leave groups that are of high demand or using coercive control against their members.

Our current board is made of members whom all have lived experience from high demand groups, Our team are all from professional backgrounds which include formers, psychologists, academics, veterans, occupational therapists and connected not for profits.

The Exit team assesses via intake the safest options for our clients, through our trusted partners we find the best support, whether that’s via intervention, mental health support, counselling for family and friends, adjusting within the community or legal assistance.

Exit also continues its assistance with a collective of organisations, domestically and internationally, including not for profits, academia, businesses, affording aid with research, education, monitoring and creating pathways in preventing people from recruitment, radicalisation or self/ group conditioning towards violent extremism or an act of terrorism.

Exit keeps all information of clients and their contacts confidential except information that is legally required when required to mandatory reporting as an example, anyone seeking to self-harm or an imminent threat to others safety.


Our focus.

We have four key area's we work in to achieve outcomes of reducing hate.
Public Speaking
Workshops & Training

Preventing violent extremism.


Our team.

Our entire team can't be disclosed due to the nature and focus of our work. Here is a snapshot of the team engaged online, publically and in the media.
Matthew Quinn

Founder & CEO

A former infantry soldier in the Australian Army, a member of red team for mission plannings against terrorism. In his youth, Matt led a gang of extremists before a road-to-Damascus experience led him out of the extremist rabbit hole, over twenty years on, forming EXIT Aus/NZ. 

Director of Operations

Serving in the Australian Army in Infantry & Battalion Intelligence roles. Serving in Timor-Leste & Afghanistan.

Smithy has degrees in Aviation Technology & Environmental Science.  Experienced with far-right militia groups that operated in Queensland in the late nineties.


Director & Project Planner

A former infantry soldier in the Australian Army, serving, twice in Timor-Leste as a member of a Surveillance Reconnaissance Team. Simon was on the fringes of Matts group as it ended in the nineties.

Simon works full time professionally as a commercial project leader and volunteers with Exit leading all our projects.


Academic Advisor

EXIT is served by an honorary academic advisor, a former Liberal parliamentarian (and retired lawyer & academic) who has published peer reviewed articles on the field of violent extremism. 

Ming Johanson

Digital Advisor

Women In Technology award winner for 2019 for her work within the greater community and R U OK? Ambassador Ming works with the team to create strategies of support for people coming out of hate working in the space of Internet safety.

Growing up in an environment of hate and domestic violence in Australia led to a unique understanding of the abuse cycle and isolation that can occur. She regularly speaks on topics of Internet ethics & unconscious bias.


Messages exchanged


Lives saved


People supported to leave hate behind.


Redirected away from violent extremism.



While our focus is in Australia, we work with global partners and organisations that are invested in addressing the landscape of hate and reduction of risk to the safety and security of everyone on the planet.


We at Exit Australia are extremely grateful and excited to be partnered with Facebook as it increases our exposure to those in need. The redirection method will allow us at Exit to adopt a preventative method when it comes to disengagement and de-radicalisation.

Make real change.

Engage in your community.

Step Together

Step Together is a helpline and online service to help people who know someone that may be headed down the path to violent extremism.

The information on this website and available through our helpline can help you learn more about countering violent extremism (CVE), worrying behaviour and suggest services that can help. Step Together is not a reporting service, we are here to offer information, advice and referrals.



ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. Our practical support, tools and tips help young people get through anything from everyday issues to tough times – and the information we offer parents makes it easier for them to help their teenagers, too.



"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain."

- James Baldwin

“No one was helping me in jail, I didn’t realise I could have a future outside away from the groups, I have a list of goals to make my life better, none of them involve violent extremism.”

Former Violent Extremist

“Thank you for bringing out family back together. My son since leaving violent extremism has rung his father on Father’s Day, they haven’t talked for years.

Mother of Former Violent Extremist

“Thankyou for everything, there was no one else to turn too. He had been involved in hate for years, it is wonderful that he has left hate and started to turn his life around.

You have helped my son and I so much, I have now got a job and am able to support my family allowing me to be free of stress and be there when my son needs me the most”

Mother of Violent Extremist

Our Blog


Get Support

Whether getting support for yourself or a loved one we understand more than ever from experience that being a part of violent extremism can lead to judgement from others, we offer real support and personal experience from exiting hate groups. Reach out we're here for you.
Contact Us

For any enquiries, regarding preventing/ countering violent extremism, suggestions or media and speaking engagements, contact us via email at info@exit.org.au

1800 123 400

National Security Hotline
If it doesn't add up, speak up.

Providing a Safe Space

Exit keeps all information confidential though we will as legally required report anyone seeking to self-harm or is an imminent threat to others.

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